The problem of pain in cancer


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chronic cancer pain The problem of pain in cancerMany people are afraid of cancer pain more than anything else. Luckily, even though pain management in cancer patient is still evolving, there are some alternatives available to them. Perhaps there is nothing more terrible than a doctor communicates a cancer diagnosis. It is frightening to think that 50 percent of men and 33 per hundred women will get cancer at some point in their lives.

More than a hundred types of cancer can grow inside our bodies, since our bones and skin to our blood and other internal organs. All cancers are caused by over activity of runaway cells that somehow replicate wildly. These uncontrolled cells can spread throughout the body and invade healthy tissue. A process known as metastasis is what makes cancer so terrible.

Almost all people with advanced cancer have chronic pain, and some people with the early stages of cancer also have pain. However, certain types of cancer, such as lymphoma and leukemia, are not at all painful. Usually, the pain occurs when cancer is associated malignancies.

Opiates are the main component for the treatment of cancer pain. Each type of opioid aid, has different types of pain. However, most people taking opioids for years might require increased doses to achieve the same level effect and may need to add other drugs to continue palliative treatment.

Treatment during chemotherapy


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chemotherapy treatment 300x149 Treatment during chemotherapy
In patients receiving chemotherapy, good nutrition can be affected by fatigue, pain and fever, and the many symptoms that occur during and after chemotherapy treatments for cancer. The objective is how to combat these demonstrations and maintain a proper diet after treatment.

Experts recommend tips in order to control symptoms and maintain a proper diet after chemotherapy. One of the most characteristic symptoms is loss of appetite (anorexia), to counter it is advisable to plan a daily menu in advance, choose foods high in calories and protein (ie, stews, smoothies fortified peanut butter added to the sandwiches) , have snacks on hand all the time, eat breakfast at least one third of the calories and protein you need.

After chemotherapy treatments, soft foods may improve swallowing problems. These foods tend to fall more easily.

We recommend taking vitamin-rich smoothies. The liquids are usually easier to tolerate, especially if swallowing difficulties are related to a narrowing of the esophagus.

There are foods to be avoided, especially during and after chemotherapy, such as spicy or very spicy (ie, hot pepper, curry, Cajun spice mix), fiber-rich foods, ie fruits and raw vegetables, coarse grains, fatty or fried foods, nuts, seeds or dried fruits, caffeinated drinks (coffee, strong tea, soft drinks and possibly chocolate).

It is advisable to decrease the amount of total fiber or use a good source of soluble fiber, ie, rice, bananas, white bread, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, applesauce or applesauce, chicken or turkey without skin and boneless.

It is recommended talking to a professional about proper nutrition, taking into account the type of treatment received.

Treatment of spinal cord injuries with stem cells from umbilical cord


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spinal cord injuries Treatment of spinal cord injuries with stem cells from umbilical cord A study published in the Spine journal, shows how the stem cells from umbilical cord of a newborn may improve neurological function in rats after acute injury of the spinal cord.

Rats treated in the study of stem cells from umbilical cord blood showed a significant recovery of locomotor function (the ability to move side to side) over a period of one to six weeks compared to rats not he had been subjected to any treatment. In addition, six weeks after treatment, the injured area was significantly lower in animals treated than in untreated patients.

Most spinal cord injuries are compression injuries, which damaged neurons of the spinal cord are still intact, but have lost myelin sheath that helps the brain transmit signals to the body, leaving functional capacity. The loss of myelin does not recover spontaneously after injury, and therefore, the aim of this study was to determine whether stem cells from umbilical cord blood could help initiate regeneration in rats with lesions of the spinal cord compression.

Research has shown so far, increasing evidence that these stem cells from cord blood have the ability to help repair and regenerate other cells in the body, regulating inflammation, helping the growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) and promoting cell growth by secreting growth factors.

This study adds further evidence to the therapeutic use of stem cells from cord blood to repair.

Common symptoms of heartburn


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Common symptoms of heartburn 300x185 Common symptoms of heartburn Heartburn is a condition that affects the digestive system and causes pain and discomfort for millions of people. The causes of this condition vary from personal, as the intensity of symptoms. This article will examine some of these symptoms of heartburn and give some warning signs to look for.

Heartburn symptoms

The most common symptoms of heartburn include a burning sensation in the chest area and throat. This is caused by digestive juices overflowing stomach and works its way up into the esophagus. When these juices reach the area behind the breastbone, heartburn is the result. A common cause of this condition is spicy, greasy or fatty foods eating. Obesity and use of snuff also contribute to this condition.

When symptoms of heartburn, there are certain things worsen. Lying down will make the problem worse because gravity cannot work and pull back down the acids where they belong. To prevent this from happening, do not lie down for at least two hours after you eat. You can also prevent heartburn symptoms appear while you are sleeping by raising the head of your bed a couple of inches. Read the rest of this entry »

Signs of Autism


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Signs of Autism 300x199 Signs of Autism With all the recent publicity of Autism in the news you might be wondering what are the signs of autism. Here is a list of signs that may be associated with autism. If you see these signs in your child talk to your doctor about having them evaluated. The sooner that Autism is discovered the better the chances are in treatment.

1. Not reach developmental milestones on time. Every child develops differently. Some children will crawl at four months, while others do not until they are several months. This may be perfectly normal. The problem starts when every milestone is much later than usual. If your child is not meeting the developmental stages talk with your doctor.

2. Child does not speak. Children learn to talk at different ages. Some will start talking very young while others simply started brightly complete sentences a day. This can be very normal. However, if your child does not have any babbling about the age of one, this could be a concern. Most children will says some words by the time they are sixteen months. If your child is to ask your doctor if you think an evaluation is needed.

3. No eye contact. Most babies and children see you when you’re talking to them. Autistic children often will not allow contact with eyes. It seems that they are looking out into a daze instead of paying attention to you. They do not point to objects. They’re not going to see something they are trying to show. Instead, see what happened.

4. Child does not show emotion. Autistic children often show no emotion. Does not smile when someone smiles at them. They do not show any cares when someone around them is expressing pain, or to mourn. Autistic children generally do not like to be held or cuddled. They will not reach his parents to celebrate. Read the rest of this entry »

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