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Not to forget the magnesium


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magnesium nutrient 300x200 Not to forget the magnesiumThe magnesium (Mg) may be the mineral mostly overlooked. Nobody has popularized a simple way to remember, in the way that we associate, for example, bananas with potassium, the calcium to bone health and blood pressure sodium. However, magnesium is an incredibly versatile and important nutrient, which many doctors, nutritionists and researchers believe, is the most important nutrient for human health. 

It is essential for over 300 different chemical reactions in the body, including the maintenance power level, which helps to relax, and the maintenance of health of the heart and blood vessels. Unfortunately, in most developed countries, magnesium deficiency is probably the most common nutritional deficiency. Because it has many crucial functions, and it seems protects us from serious diseases that more common in the developed world, the magnesium is really the “miracle mineral”.

One of its most common uses is to relieve constipation, you may recognize it as the active ingredient in laxatives common in the market. It is also a natural blocker of calcium channels - many integrative medicine practitioners have used supplement magnesium to help lower blood pressure and maintain a healthy blood pressure.

While we often hear about the importance of calcium for bones, magnesium is another mineral essential for healthy bones. In addition, because many people take calcium without magnesium pills, may actually have a greater need for magnesium to calcium in people who are more vulnerable to osteoporosis. 

Magnesium is probably the most important nutrient for our energy enhancer, heart, and muscle helps the heart work better. Magnesium also helps protect blood vessels, which is where most of what we call heart disease actually happen. Magnesium is also a natural blood thinner, like aspirin, so many doctors and researchers believe it may help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Perhaps the area in which the magnesium could have the greatest impact in preventing diabetes : Scientists have shown that magnesium levels are low in people with diabetes, people with higher levels of magnesium do not develop diabetes, and magnesium supplementation seems to help reverse pre-diabetes.

As with all minerals in food, the ore has to be present in the soil where food is grown. The best sources of magnesium include beans, especially soybeans, whole grain, including the bran, nuts like almonds and Brazil nuts, and seeds, including flaxseed, sesame and sunflower. The cocoa powder dry, and dark chocolate are also a great (and delicious) source.

Stress at work can increase the risk of diabetes in women


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women stress at work 300x244 Stress at work can increase the risk of diabetes in womenJob stress doubles the risk of developing diabetes in women who have little or no control over what they do at work, according to a new Canadian study. The same does not apply to men.

According to Peter Smith, author of a study conducted for nine years by researchers at the Institute for Work and Health and the Institute for Evaluative Sciences in Toronto, men and women react differently to stress labor.

Smith suggests, as a possible explanation of the results, that women under stress may be more likely to resort to foods high in fat and sugar than men .

The main reasons given in the study to the increased risk for women are interruptions to the operation of the neuroendocrine and immune system and increasing or prolonging the release of the cortisol hormone and sympathetic reaction to stress , and changes in diet and energy expenditure that this implies, possibly as survival mechanisms.

The researchers looked closely at 7443 women working in the Canadian province of Ontario, without filing a prior diagnosis of diabetes. Results showed that 19 percent of diabetes cases in women were due to what is understood as ” little control over their work “, a higher percentage than factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol or a low level of physical activity, although lower than obesity.

The problem of pain in cancer


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chronic cancer pain The problem of pain in cancerMany people are afraid of cancer pain more than anything else. Luckily, even though pain management in cancer patient is still evolving, there are some alternatives available to them. Perhaps there is nothing more terrible than a doctor communicates a cancer diagnosis. It is frightening to think that 50 percent of men and 33 per hundred women will get cancer at some point in their lives.

More than a hundred types of cancer can grow inside our bodies, since our bones and skin to our blood and other internal organs. All cancers are caused by over activity of runaway cells that somehow replicate wildly. These uncontrolled cells can spread throughout the body and invade healthy tissue. A process known as metastasis is what makes cancer so terrible.

Almost all people with advanced cancer have chronic pain, and some people with the early stages of cancer also have pain. However, certain types of cancer, such as lymphoma and leukemia, are not at all painful. Usually, the pain occurs when cancer is associated malignancies.

Opiates are the main component for the treatment of cancer pain. Each type of opioid aid, has different types of pain. However, most people taking opioids for years might require increased doses to achieve the same level effect and may need to add other drugs to continue palliative treatment.

Gene mutation may be key for pancreatic cancer in families


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pancreatic cancer Gene mutation may be key for pancreatic cancer in familiesSome people may be facing increased hereditary risk of developing pancreatic cancer if they carry abnormalities in the gene called ATM, according to new research reveals.
The finding comes from a genetic sequencing work conducted among 166 patients with pancreatic cancer. For comparative purposes, 190 other individuals who were free of disease were also subjected to sequencing.

The research team noted that 10 percent of patients with pancreatic cancer from families in which more than one member has battled the dreaded disease, so they believed there was a significant reason to believe this clustering was due to genetics.
But also claimed that no effort had been made at a rate never before to find the genes involved that might explain the cause of pancreatic cancer in most families.

Among patients with pancreatic cancer examined, four were recognized as carriers of ATM gene mutation. By contrast, none of the healthy individuals who were carrying the abnormality genetically sequenced according to the submitted report.

Ultimately, the finding could lead to the development of a new option to the search for a disease that claims the lives of 95 percent of patients within five years of diagnosis.
Though endoscopy is being studied as another method for the disease, there are many methods recommended as an alternative to the search for the cause number four cancer-related deaths.

Exercise can relieve the anxiety that comes with diseases


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regular exercise 300x205 Exercise can relieve the anxiety that comes with diseasesPeople suffering from anxiety can find some relief through regular exercise, the researchers reported.

Anxiety frequently accompanies chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, and constant load can interfere with treatment for these conditions. Though one might expect that anxiety symptoms are elevated among individuals facing chronic illness, the symptoms may not be recognized or treated.

Although the role of exercise in alleviating symptoms of depression has been well studied, the impact on anxiety symptoms has received relatively little attention. The review results add to the growing body of evidence that physical activities such as walking or weight lifting may be effective treatments to help alleviate anxiety symptoms among patients.

For the study the team reviewed 40 trials involving 2914 people various medical conditions, including heart disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer and chronic pain. In 90 percent of the studies, people assigned to an exercise program had fewer symptoms of anxiety, including feelings of worry, fear and anxiety than non-exercisers.

Indeed, regular exercise has been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety by 20 percent. Although most of these groups of patients had no anxiety scores very high at the beginning of the practice of exercise, symptoms of this decreased.

Exercising for 30 minutes was more effective in reducing anxiety than shorter exercise periods.

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