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Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer


Posted by admin | Posted in Cancer, Disease | Posted on 20-11-2008

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Breastcancer Diagnostic

A cancer diagnosis looks flat and you can before you are on the ground, overwhelmed by a tsunami of medical jargon, strange appointment permanent, expensive drugs, the terrible treatment, possible surgery and an uncertain future. Everything moves too quickly to give you the luxury of finding emotional balance.

Just a simple statement of your doctor immediately switches are all familiar and comfortable. Your house, your relationships, your work and your future, all changes in an instant and will never be quite the same.

Unfortunately, you simply cannot afford the time between cancer diagnosis and treatment. Chemotherapy schedule you earlier, radiotherapy and / or surgery, the better. Unfortunately, your cancer has no sense of fair play and will not expect to be guided.

So, you’re suddenly forced to decide, arrange very important to restart your schedule and bring the fight of your life while you are still emotionally, intellectually and physically outside the center.

This is the worst possible time for you to lose your best, strongest and most stable inner self. Therefore, it is important that you find a way to center to quickly despite the crisis in your life and remember your ex-strong, confident, clear self.

Attitude Adjustment

Use the chances of survival for inspiration and not fill with fear. If they survive only 3 of 5 patients with certain types of tumor, then someone must be No. 4 or 5! Decide that you are on the right side of this quota.

They spend a lot of time by masked strangers, a language that you do not know how to talk around (presumably Greek or Latin). You Shuffle Along cold aisles in a dressing gown and paper slippers. While everyone is around you, you are on the back or tail in the air real estate. Note that all these people working for you. They are part of the team of your personal health. You really are on the preparations for you to focus.

Search Help

If you have a medical degree, you can obviously in your element. Ask questions and keep asking until you understand the answers. Note the responses. No, they do not think you’re stupid. They work for you, right?

The allocation of public funds

You will feel better when you help others feel better. They have extensive experience and unique wisdom, together with a group of support even from the first day of treatment. No one can understand what you go through the others how to fight from the same challenge. Participate in studies that are relevant to your condition. These studies are usually no more than a brief telephone interview. Your efforts will help save others go through the same experience.

Maintenance of records

It is a bad idea, all the useful phone numbers, calendar, chemotherapy and various medications to keep on scraps of paper. It’s amazing how quickly you can gather important information. Buy a three-ring binder. Divide into “lab reports”, “Calendar,” “Numbers”, “Ask, etc. Stick a lid or a funny cartoon about it. If you anything else, this.

Find your center

If you practice meditation, breathing exercises, tai chi, or yoga in the past, stay in practice, as your doctors approval. Resume what you do not fully absorb like playing a musical instrument, sewing or painting.

Re-think your relationship with your body

Your body is a part of who you are and your cancer is only a small part of your body. Think of your body you are carrying something, rather than the whole of who you are.

Nurture Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Finally, it will all win this battle. Eating and sleeping well. Be quiet time for yourself. Do not get so stuck in the medical things that you lose sight of this stronger and wiser than before their diagnosis. Imagine a healthier new you after chemotherapy, after radiotherapy after surgery.

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