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Foods that improve denture


Posted by admin | Posted in Dental Care | Posted on 05-01-2014

healthy teeth Foods that improve dentureIn addition to a good brushing and flossing two to three times a day to protect the teeth, several specialists have found that proper diet can fight cavities and build teeth stronger.

The antioxidants and other nutrients found in fruitsvegetableslegumes and nuts allow strengthen immunity and improve the body’s ability to fight bacteria and inflammation, which can protect the teeth and gums.

Some foods that contribute to a better denture can highlight the apples, this fruit increases the flow of saliva, which carries the bacteria and keeps the mouth moist, which prevents the formation of plaque and cavities.

The soy and eggs are rich in protein, produce their cells, which helps maintain blood flow to the nerves that lie within the teeth.

Among some vegetables highlights the carrotscelery and peppers, these vegetable cleanse and stimulate the gums. They also contain vitamin C, which regenerates collagen, which is the basic ingredient of gum tissue.

The cheese can release a large amount of calcium that is mixed with the plate and adheres to the teeth, protects against acid that cause tooth decay and helps rebuild tooth enamel.

The citrus contain vitamin C, this is an antioxidant, removes free radicals and acts as antibacterial. Also helps healing by stimulating the synthesis of collagen. Some common practices, such as rubbing is not recommended teeth with lemon juice and grapefruit.

Therefore, it is essential to have a varied diet and complete. Avoid snacking, you have to eat a fruit or vegetable from time to time and reduce the harmful habits, such as snuff or coffee in excess, this will encourage a teeth healthy and looking good.

Emotional stress causes physical pain


Posted by admin | Posted in Health Info | Posted on 29-12-2013

Many pains and physical discomfort may be the result of emotional distress. Sometimes our own mind boycott us, and hides unresolved issues, concerns and stresses that accumulate and eventually affect physical health.

Shown below the usual situations where emotions are masked by physical problems to tackle evil in the bud.

  • Pain from the cervical area. Usually this pain profile corresponds very demanding people supporting a lot of tension and then become frustrated because they are not rewarded so much effort.
  • Pain in the shoulder area. Such pain along the upper back and spine is associated with supporting a personality responsibility overload and manifest difficulties to carry out all its obligations.
  • I ache in the lower back. Given in people who carry excess concerns and lack of confidence in their own abilities.
  • Headache. Relates to the need to solve all problems in a rational and measured.
  • Sore throat. Was attributed to difficulties in expressing it honestly. The knot must be undone by the open expression of what it feels like. We must be heard.
  • Stomach pain. nerve occurs frequently in people who need to have everything under control and hide their emotional conflicts fueling anxiety.
  • Chronic constipation. Corresponds to the type of people with rigid ideas and easily irritated. When flexibility and optimism is practiced, the condition improves.

Drink water before eating


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Drink water before eating 300x200 Drink water before eatingToo many myths and theories today and there are those who wonder: drink water before eating? Today from our blog, we help you uncover this myth.

To determine if this is true, other clinical trials that claim to have shown that drinking two glasses of water before meals helps with weight loss has been made. Thus, circulating on the network numerous studies that explain how you have done to confirm that thins before eating if drinking water. However, we recommend that you have carefully and do not believe all those studies that do not have a sound scientific basis, mostly.

What we can be sure that you and affirm you, why you have the feeling that drinking water before eating thins. Thus, water acts as an appetite suppressant, so you should take before meals. By doing so, feel a sense of fullness and you will not have the same hunger if you have a completely empty stomach.

Then, helps you control your appetite drink two glasses of water before eating, but will lose weight by drinking water: the only thing that can happen is you have a full stomach and less appetite. But you must not abuse, it is not recommended that you drink two liters of water, as this would have a negative effect.

Similarly, there is a factor which may also explain the drinking water when you want to lose weight. When treatment is done to lose weight, the body has to eliminate more toxins than in normal conditions. That is why here the kidneys play an important role, is responsible for eliminating through urine such toxins, and the kidneys do their job well, it requires a lot of water.

The onion as medicine


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onion as medicine The onion as medicineOne of the most popular varieties of onions is the purple or red due to its pleasant taste but also their medicinal qualities.

The red onion gives the body nutrients such as:

-Vitamin C





Flavonoids, antioxidants such as:

-Compounds as anthocyanins and quercetin

The medicinal properties of onion are:

-Helps maintain cardiovascular health and prevent heart disease

-Helps prevent cancer and arteriosclerosis

-Assists in the treatment of diseases such as asthma, sinusitis

-Aid to treat high blood pressure

-Helps regulate blood sugar level

-Helps to treatment for bad cholesterol and triglycerides

-Helps fight free radicals

-It helps eliminate intestinal parasites

-Helps fight infections

Onion is a very good expectorant

-Aid to treat coughs, colds

-Improvement of the intestinal transit which helps fight constipation

-Helps prevent cataracts

-Stimulates blood circulation

-Helps eliminate toxins in the body

-Help you sleep

-Helps fight and treat allergies

-Reduce fat absorption so consumption is highly recommended if you are on a diet

For benefits of onion can be eaten raw in salads or prepare you with this onion and drink this liquid which has excellent medicinal qualities.

The onion is sweeter than white so it is usually better tolerated since their flavor is more delicate.

How to strengthen your lower back


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lower back pain How to strengthen your lower backThe back is the most complex joint in our body, which is formed by a number of ligaments, tendons, bones and muscles. Due to this reason requires special care and attention to prevent injuries and ongoing pain.

In most cases it is caused by accidents, lack of exercise, poor continuing positions, by age, or overweight. Mass usually affects older people to 30 years and people with poor physical condition, as they cannot hold the weight of the back and spine, some back muscles and abdominal underdeveloped.

There are four types of specially recommended exercises to strengthen the lower back:

- Extensions. They help prevent pain irradiated to other remote areas of the origin of the injury or illness. They are valuable type exercises to raise the trunk and legs from lying position, allowing develops muscles that hold the spine.

- Stretching. They are essential because they allow the soft tissues and muscles of the back have a better extension and therefore prove to be more flexible. So, you’re giving back for greater mobility.

- Push the trunk forward. Thus the pressure on the nerves that are transmitting the pain is reduced, making separate the vertebrae, also allows not only strengthen the back muscles, but also hip, buttocks and abdomen.

- Aerobics. Possible to maintain in good condition the intervertebral discs and thus avoid one of the major causes of low back pain. Exercises like swimming, walking or running are recommended, these are very effective to have a back undamaged.

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